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Reflecting on Ellie Mannette with those who loved him dearly.

I first heard it 19 years ago. And I heard it again a few weeks ago. And it was more amazing now, than then.Yes, it was in Summer 2000 at the workshop in Morgantown, West Virginia where I first heard a full steel orchestra of Ellie Mannette’s steel pans. Over the years, this sound had slipped from the front of my memory.But at his memorial concert in Morgantown this past July 12th,  …

Discontinuing a few items.

The Pan Hoops line was the second collection launched in 2007, some ten years ago.  After several production runs, I've decided to discontinue the hoop pendant and a few other designs. So  all the featured items on the home page are  50% off price until the end of September 2017.  The price in the shopping cart should reflect this discount.