Pan Puzzle Mania

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Simple colorful puzzles to build your Caribbean and Trinidad style music steelpans! What a great way to spend some time and you also learn about the different steelpans in the steelband family. Some call them steel drums, but they are more correctly known as steelpans. 

It's a simple drag and drop puzzle game by Liz Mannette Entertainment. The puzzle pieces are the notes on the steelpan playing surface. Drag all the notes into place and the steelpan is complete. This is just like the other block jigsaw puzzles but with round, oval and curved shapes instead of the square and rectangle shapes and you learn about a unique musical instrument at the same time. 

Now with four main levels; easy, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. You will move from individual steelpans to groups of two steelpans, then three steelpans, then steelpan sections or groups and then random combinations of steelpans. 

How to Play: 

  • Before the Puzzle, you are shown the complete steelpan with all the note pieces in place on the steelpan. 
  • Then when the note pieces are dispersed out of the steelpan, drage a note, using your finger, into its correct spot on the steelpan outline. Tip - the notes cannot be turned or rotated. So look for a space that is in the same orientation as the note puzzle piece. 
  • When the note puzzle piece is in place, wait for the click of success. 
  • If you need help, use the hint button to see the original steelpan again. 
  • This is a great way to test your memory and knowledge of the different steelpans, tenor, double second, cello, etc. And have some fun! Time yourself and beat your last time as you get better and better. 


  • Soothing steelpan music 
  • Calm colors and visual graphics 
  • Play for hours and hours with no time limits 
  • The more you play, the better you get